Learning, Lifting, Leading: Social Equity for and by Black and Brown Girls & Women

Host Jenn Grimmett featuring Dr. Buffie Longmire-Avital

This episode challenges the idea that intergenerational and historical traumas are separate experiences for Black and Brown Girls & Women, within the context of education, health, and psychology.

Episode 1: Historical Trauma: Defining and Understanding the Intergenerational Impacts


Thamicha Isaac

Openly Positive is a podcast that’s dedicated and geared towards but not limited to HIV/AIDS topics and awareness. In pursuit of learning who I am as an individual living with HIV, I sought to find my voice, my passion, my purpose and my souls calling, to breaking free of the stigma that’s attached to HIV/AIDS especially in the Caribbean black community. This podcast will help to shed light on the positive aspect of an HIV diagnosis and not a death sentence.